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By Roger Young (Jan2023)


A new chapter in the Marcos story saw American Tony Stelliga invest in Marcos Sports Cars Limited, eventually becoming the major shareholder and 'production' would eventually move to new premises  in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. A move away from the historic home at Wesbury in Wiltshire. The new car was shown in 2004 at the Motor Show held at the NEC in Birmingham. On March 19th, 2005, Marcos Engineering showed the new Marcos TSO GT coupe sports car in South Australia at the Clipsal 500 Adelaide motor race where the TSO GT ran pre-race laps.

The two seat coupe sports car delivered stunning performance with Grand Touring capability and a GM V8 powertrain. The TSO GT delivers an awe inspiring 400+ horsepower and that in a lightweight sports car weighing just under 1100kg. The impressive 0 to 60 mph time is just over 4 seconds and it only takes a little over 9 seconds to reach the three figures, 100mph. The GT is estimated to have an impressive top speed of over 185 mph.

The impressive performance figures come from a tweaked power plant, a 5.7 Litre V8, the same GM powerplant used in Corvette and Holden race cars worldwide. This same engine has also taken Marcos racecars to numerous motorsport wins in their heyday, including winning the British GT Series Championship.

The TSO GT provided driving agility and impressive road holding due to extensive chassis development and testing under a partnership with Prodrive – a recognized leader in sports car development, specialised chassis dynamics, vehicle dynamic systems and powertrain.

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