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Est: 1972

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THE MARCOS OWNERS CLUB - Established 1972

The Marcos Owners Club was formed in 1972 by Colin Feyeraband and since its creation has striven to support the marque and owners.  It was originally know as the Marcos Club, but the name was changed in the 1980's to the Marcos Owners Club (MOC).

The aim of the club is to promote Marcos cars, old and new, regardless of model and state, and provide an opportunity for owners to share ideas, seek answers to problems and enjoy owning their cars.

The club organises events for the members as well as attending other events such as race meetings and car shows. These include the Silverstone Classic, Le Mans 24 Hrs, Classic Le Mans, Prescott Revival (which the Marcos Owners Club ran) the Classic Car Show, to name but a few.

The Club magazine, Torque, is full of interesting articles and help for Marcos owners and we try to publish three times a year. We ask that you contribute to the magazine with articles pictures, anything that might be of interest to other members. The magazine is also supported by an electronic newsletter, Marcos Torquing, keeping members up to date.

Special advisers have volunteered their time, expertise and knowledge to help you answer that difficult question or to offer help and ideas. The club also sources spares for members, offers acess to restoration and repair services, which otherwise might be difficult to locate. These service are growing all of the time.

Remember, this is a club run by enthusiasts for the benefit of other enthusiasts, so we share a common interest.

The Marcos Owners Club are also the only club for the marque that has been given permission to use the Marcos Logo.

1964 - The Marcos GT 1800 is launched at the London Racing Car show as a road car.  It has a Volvo 1800cc engine and De Dion sophisticated rear suspension.

Marcos GT 1800 Motor show

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