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Established 1972

West Midlands - Roger Young roger_young@mac.com

The West Mercia Marcos Owners Group

Back in the late 80' & 90's, the West Midlands had a thriving Marcos group that met every month for a chin wag at a 'hostelry' and attended local and some not so local events. Anyone tarvelling along the M5/6 corridor on a Sunday probanly ended up wondering what the half a dozen low shapes, speeding past, line astern, in the outside lane, actually were. Usually led by a very rapid Mantis M70 driven by Mac Mansell, sadly no longer with us, and followed by, Don Lawrence (3l V6), Marcus Heather, Dave Harrison (2.5l Triumph), Roger Young either (Mini Marcos 1385S or 2L Coupe) and a couple of other coupes and the odd mini, the owners names will come to me evenatually. (Sorry guys).

The area West Mercia covered was pretty much that depicted in the map, above, although not strictly the West Midlands, and we welcomed anyone, who came along from the surrounding areas. We even had our own newsletter/magazine.

Then families and work took over for many in the group and numbers dwindles at meetings, meetings got postponed, and eventually the West Mercia group faded away.

There was a brief resurgence with meetings just outside Alcester in Warwickshire and Tewkesbury a few years ago, but things have been quiet. But now we hope to put the West Mercia Group well and truly back on the map and give you another reason to drive your cars!

West Mercia Marcos Owners Group

The Inaugural meeting, informal of course, of the West Mercia Marco Group will be help on